Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Yet another trade to discuss in fantasy baseball terms as the Seattle Mariners made a rare intra-division trade by dealing SP Jason Vargas to the Los Angeles Angels for DH/1B Kendrys Morales.  As always let's take a closer look at the deal from a fantasy baseball perspective.

Kendrys Morales:  First of all for those who know us well, Morales has always been a guy we have had a soft spot for and continue to support.  After he helped win me a league title during his breakout 2009 MVP-type season, Morales of course missed almost two seasons recovering from a beyond freakish broken leg.  He came back in a solid but not spectacular fashion in 2012 with 22 home runs in 134 games but wound up sitting most days against lefties.  Despite for punch, the Mariners no doubt will throw Morales out there each and every day no matter who is pitching and that alone supplies a nice boost to his bottom line value.  Sure hitting in Safeco Field is extremely rough on the home run totals but Morales playing everyday should offset the slight hit in his amount of home runs overall this season.  Despite struggles against lefties, Morales is a guy who slaughters righties which helps him solid to decent batting averages in the .280-.300 range.  Put it all together and what you could get this season is 25 home runs BARE MINIMUM with a .280 average and 90-plus RBI's.  The best part about all this is the fact that Morales' fantasy baseball draft price can't get any lower than it already is and going to Seattle will help keep his total cost at bay yet again.  That makes him the perfect low-cost/high reward guy you can slot into your UTIL or CI spot and enjoy the very good value he will bring.  Yes we love him again.

Jason Vargas:  By now the story is well-chronicled when it comes to Vargas as he is a guy who pitches well at home and horrible on the road.  While Los Angeles is no Safeco Field, the ballpark is neutral and should allow Vargas to post a solid mid-.3.00 ERA again.  He will be horrid on the road though so he is strictly a guy you stream when at home.  I don't know about you but I dislike AL pitchers as it is and really can't endorse taking on a guy who you will only use through half of his outings.  No thank you.

There you have it .  Let us know what you think of the deal.

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