Thursday, December 27, 2012


It is never too early to start fine-turning your fantasy baseball rankings, even if the season is still three full months away.  With that in mind, here is our early look at the catcher rankings for the 2013 campaign.  Keep in mind that we continue to advocate not drafting a catcher early on due to the injury risk among other reasons.  We see some very good bargains who have the chance to be tremendous value plays this season.  Take a look.

1.   Buster Posey-NL MVP is Mike Piazza with less power.  Still major risk investing a third round pick in a catcher no matter how good they can hit.
2.  Carlos Santana-Give him another chance.  Much too good a hitter to struggle like that again.  Typical growing pains for a catcher.
3.  Wilin Rosario-We no doubt have Rosario ranked higher than most but for good reason.  The power is extreme and did we mention he plays his home games in Colorado?  We love him.
4.  Yadier Molina-Bust potential here as no way Molina repeats his crazy good 2012.  Any catcher approaching mid-30's is a major question mark as it is.
5.  Matt Wieters-Not the stud yet that we all thought he would be but a very good catcher indeed. 
6.  Joe Mauer-Average, runs, and RBI all top notch for a backstop but he can't ever stay in one piece.  Name value still outweighs actual value.
7.  Brian McCann-Just an awful season for McCann in 2012 when he should be smack in his prime.  His average has been going the wrong way for a few years now and opposing team's now employ strict shift which won't help.  Forget that 30-home run season.
8.  Miguel Montero-Prime example of solid but not spectacular.  Works for us.
9. Mike Napoli-Right now in limbo with Boston over neck issue.  Has best power at the position but average is pathetic. 
10. Salvador Perez-VALUE ALERT!  VALUE ALERT!  Here he is.  This is guy we are ALL IN on for 2013 as Perez is a .300-hitting catcher with power that came to the surface in 2012.  11 home runs in 289 at-bats shows the growth is there.  Could go .310 with nearly 20 homers for a fraction of the price as the guys above.  Get him.
11. Victor Martinez-Don't sleep on this guy as Martinez is back after missing all of 2012 with injury.  Martinez still carries catcher eligibility and will be among the best counting stat catchers in the game as he should DH on most days.
12. Jesus Montero-This guy is going to be a tremendous hitter and would have no issues going back to the well here despite him letting us down a bit in 2012.  Remember the learning curve for catchers is longer than at any other position.
13.  A.J. Pierzynski-Yeah we are not buying his crazy 2012 when Pierzynski hit 27 home runs out of the blue after struggling to reach double-digits there the previous five years of his career.  Among the biggest fluke seasons ever.  Run far away as his draft price will be grossly inflated.
14. Ryan Doumit-Was back to being the solid hitting catcher/outfielder he was during his early Pittsburgh days.  Doumit has fallen so far out of the fantasy baseball consciousness that his value remains terrific.
15. Alex Avila-Told you his 2011 was sketchy.  The power is decent but Avila can't hit for average and now VMart is back.
16. Jonathan Lucroy-Underrated hitter, Lucroy is the perfect catcher 2 in those formats.
17. Russell Martin-Massive downgrade now that he no longer plays in New York.  Power was only thing he had left and now that is in question due to the ballpark drop.
18. Carlos Ruiz-Busted for 25 games for greenies.  Yeah we thought his fluky 2012 season looked funny.
19. Jarrod Saltalamacchia-A poor man's Mike Napoli who can't hit for anything close to average but whose power is tremendous.  It will be interesting to see how his playing time shakes out if Napoli officially comes aboard.
20. A.J. Ellis-You really are hurting if you are looking here as your starting backstop.

There you have it.  As always let us know what you think and be sure to pick up the 2012 Fantasy Sports Boss Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide for more in-depth analysis.

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