Wednesday, December 12, 2012


With the season winding down, let's take another look at the updated 2012 fantasy football QB rankings.

1.  Aaron Rodgers
2.  Peyton Manning-Back at the top like old times.
3.  Robert Griffin III-I can't even believe I am writing him in this slot at this point in his ROOKIE season.
4.  Tom Brady-Houston game ridiculous.
5.  Drew Brees-Rough second half with the picks but stats still video game-like.
6.  Matt Ryan-Came back big against Carolina after no-show week before.
7.  Ben Roethlisberger-Would have had a huge season if he didn't get hurt.
8.  Eli Manning-4 touchdowns against Saints got him back on track.
9.  Josh Freeman
10. Andy Dalton
11. Cam Newton-Finishing strong but owners likely out of the race at this point.
12. Matthew Stafford-Overall it has been a disappointing season for Stafford and he has remotely justified his draft slot.
13. Tony Romo
14. Matt Schaub-Horror show against Pats not helping matters.
15. Carson Palmer-Nice comeback season for Palmer who has made the best out of limtied arsenal.
16. Andrew Luck-Lots of interceptions but Luck will be top five soon.
17. Russell Wilson-What is amazing is that Luck and RG3 have taken all the attention from the fantastic rookie season of the great story this kid is writing.
18. Joe Flacco-Just seems to be stuck in neutral.
19. Jay Cutler
20. Philip Rivers
21. Ryan Fitzpatrick
22. Sam Bradford-Still waiting for that next step to take place.
23. Ryan Tannehill
24. Brandon Weeden
25. Michael Vick
26. Colin Kapernick
27. Chad Henne
28. Jake Locker
29. Christian Ponder
30. Mark Sanchez
31. Brady Quinn
32. Any Cardinals QB


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  2. y does everyone saying that cam newton is having a bad season, he hit the spohmore wall or sth. but isn't he actually rank only behind RGIII and brady in QB this season? he has more points than aaron rodgers, drew brees, petyon manning, and many other elite QBs. i know hes not leading the panthers to the playoffs. but fantasy-wise hes still a stud isnt he? i dont watch panthers game so i dont know how he looks on the field. but just simply look at the stat i cant see any reason to draft guys like eli manning, josh freeman, or andy dalton over him.

  3. JOE: The problem is that the first 8 games of the season Newton was terrible relative to his draft slot. thus those owners who used a second round pick on the guy were out of the playoff hunt early on average. that is what I meant there. putting up points when the games mean nothing leaves a bad taste.