Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Moving right along, we bring you our final installment of 2012 fantasy football tight end rankings. 

1.  Rob Gronkowski-We actually favored Jimmy Graham over Gronk in the preseason but on a per game basis the Patriot tight end was more productive.
2.  Tony Gonzalez-Count on him coming back for another season off arguably his best year ever.  Crazy.
3.  Jimmy Graham-The encore was not even close to his 2011 breakout but Graham still a stud.
4.  Jason Witten-The script remains the same:  90-plus catches but hardly any scores (2 touchdowns). 
5.  Aaron Hernandez-On a per game basis Hernandez was as productive as any tight end in the game but he CAN'T stay healthy.  A major knock on his value as you need to back him up with another decent tight end for insurance.
6.  Brandon Pettigrew-Not as many catches as Witten but Pettigrew falls under same class in catching a lot of passes without scoring.
7.  Owen Daniels-Nice comeback season for Daniels after a lost 2011 campaign.
8.  Antonio Gates-Fading fast.
9.  Jermaine Gresham-Continues to improve as he is now a rock solid every week starter.
10. Vernon Davis-If only he played in a bigger passing offense.  This ranking not a knock on his true talent.
11. Jermichael Finley-Being fourth on the passing attention-meter is a negative, even in the Green Bay offense.
12. Martellus Bennett-Acquitted himself nicely in his first year with Big Blue.  Look for him to re-sign.  Was a nice red zone option.
13. Dennis Pitta-Ran hot and cold at times but catching ability is real.
14. Kyle Rudolph-Major red zone guy was Christian Ponder's top guy by the goal line.
15. Greg Olsen-He leaves you wanting more but Olsen was a nice low level option this past season/
16. Brent Celek-Never developed into the top tier guy we thought he could be.
17. Jacob Tamme-Only two touchdowns not acceptable with Peyton Manning tossing you the rock.
18. Marcedes Lewis-Remains nothing but a standard league replacement guy.
19. Dwayne Allen-Allen seemed to earn the trust of Andrew Luck as the season took shape.
20. Heath Miller-Knee injury clouds his outlook for next season unitil we get an update on his progress.

There you have it.  As always let us know what you think.

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