Thursday, December 27, 2012


Here are the final 2012 fantasy football wide receiver ranking as we put a cap on the season.

1.  Calvin Johnson-record for receiving yards in a season says it all about how he has no peer.
2.  Brandon Marshall-back to the monster he was in Denver with Jay Cutler.
3.  A.J. Green-couldn't stop him at times but had a few clunkers late.
4.  Andre Johnson-other than Megatron, this Johnson was the best receiver in football the second half.  Look at those numbers!  Strange lack of scores remains though.
5.  Wes Welker-another 100-catch season in the books.  Big story is whether he stays in New England where his fantasy football value is at its peak.
6.  Dez Bryant-Talk about unstoppable in the second half.  Broken finger or not, Bryant was a man among boys.  He has arrived finally.
7.  Julio Jones-Now the 1A to Roddy White's 1B.
8.  Vincent Jackson-Finally found season-long consistency and the results were staggering.
9.  Demaryuis Thomas-You expected a bit more in the receptions department with Manning at QB but Thomas is the clear Reggie Wayne Indy Colts in this offense.
10. Victor Cruz-As dominant as Cruz was in the first half, he was a virtual no-show the last month when his owners needed him most.
11. Randall Cobb-It will be interesting to see how the catches are divided up between this dynamo, Jordy Nelson, and Greg Jennings.
12.Roddy White-Lowest ranking for White in two seasons.  Raw catches still there but Julio Jones surely eating into potential stats.
13. Reggie Wayne-We have to worry some about age but Wayne was ridiculous for most of 2012.  Late fade brings the previous worry into focus however.
14. Percy Harvin-Was on monster pace before more injuries derailed things.  If he ever stays in one piece for a whole season than look out.
15. Larry Fitzgerald-If he gets even a decent QB, Fitzgerald moves up easily.
16. Marques Colston-As dependable as they come.  Remains top guy in crazy offense.
17. Jordy Nelson-Cobb is the big play guy now in this offense but Nelson remains a big time TD-guy.
18. Eric Decker-Yes playing in a Peyton Manning offense has its perks.  Decker fulfilled our sleeper hype.
19. Mike Williams-Potency of Josh Freeman this season means there is room for two Tampa Bay QB's in fantasy football going forward.
20. Hakeem Nicks-Love the talent but not the brittle body.  No longer considered number 1 guy due to injuries.
21. Torrey Smith-Right on schedule into becoming close to WR 1 status.
22. Greg Jennnings-Injuries ruined his 2012 but he was top ten before that point.
23. Cecil Shorts-Many of you probably don't realize how good he was in 2012.  Check him out.
24. Steve Smith-Finished strong but how in mid-30's.  Price him as clear WR 2.
25. Stevie Johnson-We overhyped him earlier in his career but he is still a big-play guy.
26. Dwayne Bowe-Get ready to push him way up if he signs with a club who employs a top QB. 
27. Mike Wallace-Antonio Brown and Wallace kind of cancel each other out at times it seems.
28. Antonio Brown-Ditto.
29. Lance Moore-Love him in PPR but still a bit wild in production.
30. Denarius Moore-Scored a bunch of touchdowns and is improving still.
31. Miles Austin-Clear number 2 now to Bryant.
32. Brandon Lloyd-He really overall disappointing in New England.  Tough to fathom such a scenario with Tom Brady chucking it to you.

There you have it.  As always let us know what you think.

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