Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Let's now take a look at the final 2012 fantasy football rankings with an eye toward next season.

1.  Adrian Peterson-Not even a debate as to who the best runner was in 2012.  Scary he was better after surgery.
2.  Arian Foster-Another dominant season and this time no leg problems.
3.  Ray Rice-Underutilized again but the talent is extreme.  Best in PPR leagues still in discussion for top pick overall.
4.  Doug Martin-We called him Ray Rice-lite at the start of the season and he could be right with him going forward.
5.  Marshawn Lynch-Toughest runner in the game outside of AP to bring down.
6.  LeSean McCoy-Had an off season hurt by injuries and now we are concerned team is mentioning Bryce Brown as a big part of their 2013 offense.
7.  Jamaal Charles-Remains the best big play runner in the game but consistency still not there throughout the whole season.
8.  Trent Richardson-No telling how high he can go.  Love what we see so far.
9.  C.J. Spiller-We are banking on Spiller being the man next season as the Bills will likely release Fred Jackson.  Could easily end up in the top five.
10. Alfred Morris-The new Michael Turner is a beast to bring down.  Better yet a comparison to Marshawn Lynch could be more realistic.
11. Maurice Jones-Drew-Bombed in 2012 like we predicted.  Not bullish on this aging back with a ton of carries on his body.
12. Matt Forte-Still has not been trusted with the full load as Michael Bush will be back next season to steal touchdowns.  Elevate in PPR and drop in standard formats going forward.
13. DeMarco Murray-All he has to do is stay healthy and a big season could be had.  That has been fleeting for him though.
14. Chris Johnson-Believe it not Johnson has a bette season than you all thought. He was up and down all year though in order to get there.
15. Frank Gore-Could have the cliff season in 2013 as he is aging big time and has a ton of carries in his past.
16. Darren McFadden-This low ranking is not based on pure abillity but on McFadden's ultimate failure to stay healthy. 
17. BenJarvus Green-Ellis-Power back all the way was his usual inconsistent self.
18. Darren Sproles-You know the drill as you elevate Sproles in PPR and drop him in standard.
19. Ahmad Bradshaw-David Wilson should have a bigger role but Bradshaw continues to pace the Giants rushing attack.
20. Reggie Bush-Failed to build off his very good 2011 campaign and in fact took a sizable step back.
21. Steven Jackson-Rallied to have a very good second half after a start where we all surmised he was finished but that is likely his last gasp.
22. Michael Turner-Speaking of fading badly, we bring you Turner.
23. Ryan Matthews-Again this is not based on ability but Matthews is even worse than McFadden when it comes to never staying in one piece.
24. Mikel LeShoure-Didn't see much to get us excited about his 2013 outlook.
25. Stevan Ridley-As long as Tom Brady is playing, no New England back will be worth much. 
26. Vick Ballard-Has opened some eyes the last month of the season and should have first dibs on the gig next season.
27. Jonathan Dwyer-Tough to predict who will be the main back here but there is no doubt the Steelers have to find a workhorse runner.
28. Beanie Wells-Likely out of Arizona and value depends on how much playing time he gets in new location.
29. Mark Ingram-Too many runners in New Orleans for any to carry starting value.
30. Shonn Greene-The epitome of the average back.

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