Sunday, December 23, 2012


With the 2012 fantasy football season in the books, let;s see what the final QB rankings look like.

1.  Aaron Rodgers
2.  Peyton Manning-He is back and maybe even better than ever as crazy as that sounds.
3.  Tom Brady-Old reliable right there with Manning, Rodgers, and Brees as sure things.
4.  Drew Brees
5.  Robert Griffin III-Scared as heck over his slight frame and tendency to get hurt.  Can't ever see us investing such a high pick on the risk.
6.  Matt Ryan-We went all in on him this season and were rewarded with a near-fantasy football MVP campaign.  We will gladly have some more of this.
7.  Cam Newton-Blazing finish reminds you how stupidly talented the kid is but it came in meaningless games.
8.  Ben Roethlisberger
9.  Tony Romo-Continues to be as underrated as anyone in the game and we will target him again for that reason.
10. Eli Manning-Started off great but finished horribly.
11. Josh Freeman-Major strides toward fantasy football weekly status
12. Andy Dalton
13. Andrew Luck-Upward and onward as the kid will be pushing on the top five door as soon as this season.
14. Matthew Stafford-No excuse for why he was so bad with all that talent around him.  Major step back.
15. Russell Wilson-Can easily see him being a top ten guy before too long.
16. Matt Schaub-The numbers were just not there considering all the talent he also had.
17. Philip Rivers-His career is sinking under two poor seasons in a row with a boatload of turnovers.
18. Carson Palmer-Can still sling it with the best of them but he needs help.
19. Jay Cutler-We can't deal with the turnovers.
20. Nick Foles-We like his future.  Makes for a great backup selection.
21. Michael Vick-He should find a starting spot somewhere but his body is falling apart.
22. Joe Flacco
23. Ryan Fitzpatrick
24. Brandon Weeden
25. Ryan Tannehill
26. Colin Kaepernick
27. Jake Locker
28. Christian Ponder
29. Chad Henne

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