Friday, September 23, 2011


One of the more surprising performances in this young fantasy football season took place in Week 2 when previously unknown Denver Broncos WR Eric Decker snagged 5 catches along with 2 touchdowns in their victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.  Surely many in the fantasy football community looked his name up on their free agent wire after that outing and the questions have started coming in about whether or not he is worth an add or if he is just a flash in the pan.  All legitimate questions for sure and so in our latest Fantasy Football Player Analyzer column, lets dig in a bit deeper and determine if in fact he is worth picking up and what numbers he could possibly supply the rest of the season. 

As far as some background on Decker, he is in his second season after being a third round pick by the Broncos out of Minnesota where he made his name as a big time slot receiver in their offense. After hardly playing as a rookie, Decker started the season being utilized out of the slot once again.  Than Eddie Royal came down with a groin strain which elevated Decker more and thus put him in a position to become a prime target in the passing game.  He responded in a major way against the Bengals and he has clearly earned the trust of the Broncos coaching staff who have nothing but nice things to say about the guy.   So the opportunities should still be there for Decker even when Royal does come back as he has taken hold of playing much more than the other receivers on the roster. 

Looking at Decker's game itself, as I said earlier he is a prime slot receiver who will play the always exciting Wes Welker role as far as fantasy football is concerned.  The Broncos have shown no hesitation to throw the football, even with running fan John Fox as the coach.  We are not talking about superstar digits by any means but Decker has a chance to clear the 50-catch mark and likely more if he stays healthy.  Yes Brandon Lloyd and Eddie Royal would be the first two targets of QB Kyle Orton but in today's NFL, there is more than enough room for three receivers to get useful numbers. 

All in all, I think Eric Decker is a guy you can pick up in order to see where this goes.  Use him for now if Eddie Royal sits out Sunday as is likely and than re-analyze this afterwards.  He wont be a difference-maker by any means but Decker has shown the potential to at least be someone to keep an eye on .

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