Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Probably the most unsung fantasy football day to this point through two weeks of the season undoubtedly would be the spectacular 10-catch 83 yard 1 TD performance in the Buffalo Bills' comeback win over the Oakland Raiders.  It was a a "hey check me out I can play" performance by Nelson and he certainly has the attention of the fantasy football community as a result of that outing.  So now would be a great time to take a closer look at Nelton the player and determine what he can offer the rest of the way in our latest Fantasy Football Player Analyzer.

First a little history.  Nelson is only in his second season after being signed by the team as a free agent out of Florida.  Despite his lack of pedigree, Nelson got into 15 games as a rookie and caught a very solid 31 passes with 3 TD's.  He showed he could make plays when called upon and so the door was open for a more significant role for Nelson when 2011 arrived.  With Rosco Parrish continuing to show he is nothing more than a return guy, Nelson opened the season with a 4-catch outing for 66 yards which was followed by the Week 2 jackpot.  No doubt head coach Chad Gailey loves what he is seeing out of Nelson and so it would be foolish for him to not continue using him as a starter.  Also on top of that, Stevie Johnson pulled up lame in the fourth quarter with continuing groin issues and so the door is now open for Nelson to be the go-to-receiver in the so far explosive Bills aerial attack.  Good times indeed. 

All in all, David Nelson is a guy that has to be added in almost all fantasy football leagues due to his presence in the Bills offense and the fact he has some big time ceiling.  At this time last year, Johnson was a no-name guy who suddenly burst on the scene.  Nelson has the same opportunity this season and so far he is doing everything he can to follow the same path.  Sure there will be some inconsistency since he is so young but Nelson at the very least should be  given the chance to breakout on your roster.

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