Thursday, September 22, 2011


We are two weeks into the 2011 fantasy football season and so now is a good time to check out the first in-season position rankings starting with the QB spot.

1.  Aaron Rodgers
2.  Tom Brady
3.  Drew Brees
4.  Phillip Rivers
5.  Michael Vick
6.  Matthew Stafford
7.  Tony Romo
8.  Ryan Fitzpatrick
9.  Matt Schaub
10. Matt Ryan
11. Ben Rothelisberger
12. Eli Manning
13. Josh Freeman
14. Kevin Kolb
15. Jay Cutler
16. Cam Newton
17. Joe Flacco
18. Rex Grossman
19. Matt Hasselbeck
20. Sam Bradford

-Tom Brady has been by far the best performing QB in fantasy football so far this season but Rodgers is the guy you want long term.  The running element also allows him to hold onto the top spot at this point.
-Brees and Rivers are right behind the Big Two and both are doing what we expected as far as putting up big numbers.  Rivers just has to cut his turnovers a bit.
-Michael Vick is already dealing with injury issues after suffering a concussion last Sunday.  He has already taken a ton of punishment so I am doubtful of whether he can make it through the season in one piece.  Be sure you have a solid backup if you are an owner.
-Notice how high Stafford has climbed up the rankings.  Like with Vick, the only thing stopping him from stardom is injury.  He has silly numbers so far this season and his offense is packed out.
-Yes that is Ryan Fitzpatrick at number 8.  Honestly you can deny the guy the props any longer.  He has been awesome in both games so far and Chad Gailey is letting him air it out all day long.
-Kevin Kolb quietly is off to a great start with Arizona.  He is getting close to every week starting status.
-Eli Manning needs to be avoided as his receiving corps is decimated.  It will be a season-long struggle.

That's how I see it.  Let me know what you think.

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