Monday, August 8, 2011


Training camps are well under way and so lets take a more refreshed look at the tight end fantasy football rankings.

1. Jason Witten
2.  Antonio Gates
3.  Dallas Clark
4.  Jermichael Finley
5.  Vernon Davis
6.  Chris Cooley
7.  Brandon Pettigrew
8.  Rob Gronkowski
9.  Zach Miller
10. Kellen Winslow
11. Aaron Hernandez
12. Tony Gonzalez
13. Dustin Keller
14. Jimmy Graham
15. Todd Heap
16. Brent Celek
17. Kevin Boss
18. Jermaine Gresham
19. Marcedes Lewis
20. Tony Moeaki

-I'm sorry I just am not buying the Antonio Gates is the top tight end argument.  Almost everywhere you look Gates is ranked as the numeber one fantasy football tight end and thats lunacy in my book.  As great a plaeyr and TD threat as Gates is, the fact is that he is always hurt and missing games at least once a season and so you are buying into a guy who wont offer you a full season.  On the other hand Jason Witten has been one of the most durable players at any position in fantasy football and he is one of the only guys out there at tight end who can go past the 90-catch mark.  Remember when amassing your team, you want to build as stable a roster as you can get.  Gates is anything but the definition of stable.
-The same thing can be said of Clark who once again fell victim to injury last season.  The guy showed us how dominant he can be in his crazy good 2009 season but thats catching lightning in a bottle when it comes to the Colts' tight end.  Another high risk/high reward guy.
-I aboslutely love Jermichael Finley and he was on his way to a potentially number 1 worthy season before he too missed the rest of the season.  Finley will be a big time target of Aaron Rogers in the explosive Packers offense and that All Pro season we expect in 2010 could just have been delayed a bit to this season.
-Tony Moeaki and Jermaine Gresham showed some nice things in their rookie seasons in 2010 but both are really backup guys that are intriguing.  Their shaky QB play makes them bench guys at best.
-Brandon Pettigrew was a guy I slobbered all over last season but his best work came with Shaun Hill and not Matthew Stafford.  Lets hope Stafford finds his tight end this season as Pettigrew could catch 80 balls in that situation.
-Chris Cooley once again is the boring and forgotten veteran who always puts up the numbers to little fanfare.  Cooley is a 70-catch/5 TD guy which is more than enough to be a top 6 guy at tight end.
-Good luck trying to figure out which New England tight end to own.  Flip a coin.  The presence of Chad Ochocinco though will lessen the need for the Pats to look to the tight end as much this season.

Thats how I see it.  Let me know what you think.

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