Friday, August 5, 2011


No one was happier to see the Arizona Cardinals make a trade for former Philadelphia Eagles QB Kevin Kolb than their star wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.  After dealing with what was some of the worst QB play in the modern NFL last season, Fitzgerald saw a drop across the board in his numbers and disappointed many of his fantasy football owners who still expected first round numbers no matter who was tossing him the football.  As we gear up for the new season, lets dig a bit deeper into Fitzgerald and figure out how the trade for Kolb will impact his fantasy football numbers and whether or not he is once again a top 3 or 4 wideout in the game.  Lets take a look. 

As far as last season was concerned, lets take a look at what Fitzgerald was able to accomplish.

90 catches
1,137 yards
6 TD

Those numbers were down from 2009 when Fitzgerald caught a huge 13 scoring passes and had 97 receptions altogether.  The TD drop especially was significant and so clearly we can chalk that up to the QB play.  With Kolb now under center, its safe to assume that Fitzgerald will once again threaten the 10-TD mark.  I think his days as a 13-TD catch guy are a thing of the past along with Kurt Warner who threw him those balls.  Still Kolb is an upgrade over the mishmash that Arizona out out there as QB last season and he has proven to be a guy who can get the ball down the field in his limited time starting in Philly.  Also count on the receptions totals increasing as well which means Fitzgerald should get near the 100-catch mark again.  In fact its amazing that Fitzgerald was able to catch those 90 balls last season and so if he can do that with Derek Anderson throwing him the ball, than it stands to reason that he will do much better with Kolb. 

All in all, I think Larry Fitzgerald is quite underrated going into the season.  Dont forget this is the same guy who was the slam dunk top wide receiver picked just two seasons ago and he went in the middle to late first round.  This season he will be picked after Roddy White and Andre Johnson but in reality he could have numbers just as good as them at a cheaper price.  Throw out last season despite it not being anywhere near a disaster and focus in on how dominant Fitzgerald could be once again this season.  He will e-establish himself as a fantasy football star.

2011 PROJECTION:  97 catches 1,218 yards 8 TD

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