Tuesday, August 2, 2011


The Tennessee Titans have been one of the most run-dominant teams over the last five years or so and so looking for a wideout to from their team to help you in fantasy football has not been a productive endeavor.  That changed somewhat last season when Kenny Britt went on a scoring binge to the tune of 9 TD receptions in only12 games.  He wound up being a poor man's Dwayne Bowe as far as scoring rate was concerned and he served to be one of the better values in fantasy football last season as a result of this.  That leads us to now where Britt is being drafted on average as a number 2 wideout.  There are many question marks hovering over the guy off the field along with big time potential on it.  Lets break it all down and figure out what Britt can supply for fantasy football owners.

As far as Britt the player is concerned, no one is doubting his ability as a football player.  He was a big time player in college and when he is on the field and out of trouble, Britt has made the most of the limited opportunities he got in playing with passing inefficient QB Vince Young.  Clearly Britt has much more to give and was held back big time by Young's inability to throw the ball consistently.  That is why he was only able to snag 42 balls each of his first two seasons.  With Matt Hasselbeck as the new Titans QB, Britt should have many more chances to catch the football since the former Pro Bowl passer still has ability.  Now I am not talking about catching 90 passes but something in the neighborhood of 70 is very possible.  And he can even do better as many around the NFL circle say pound for pound he may be the most talented receiver to come around in awhile.  He also stands a good chance of threatening the 1,000 yard mark this season if Hasselbeck stays on the field and we all know the TD catches are big time here.

Lets now discuss the bad which is Britt's major off-the-field issues.  This is a very big concern that is not to be taken lightly as Britt got arrested twice over the offseason and could be facing some discipline as a repeat offender by Roger Goodell.  The loophole here is that since a lockout was going on and the league technically was out of business, Britt could skate by on that one.  However he continues to make poor decisions off the field and so at any moment he could get in trouble again and face a suspension.  That surely is a risk that you have to take if you decide to try and tap into that potential. 

All in all, the sky is the limit for Britt who has more value in TD heavy fantasy football leagues than he does in PPR formats.  I compare him to someone like Plaxico Burress in his heyday but the fact he can outproduce his draft spot makes him someone to check out.

2011 PROJECTION:  74 catches 1,028 yards 9 TD

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