Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So as I wrote earlier, I will be participating in my annual PPR fantasy football money league draft this weekend and I have been gearing up my cheat sheets for my title defense.  Anyway without typing out a big time draft guide, here is what will be going on in my head during my draft.  I drew the sixth spot in the draft order which will snake every round. 

My First Four Round Plans

Round 1:  Take either LeSean McCoy or Ray Rice with my first round pick at number 6 overall.  Since this is PPR, McCoy and Rice are about as good as you are going to get as far as overall numbers.  I dont like the fact they will have their TD's vultured but their major reception congtribution make them the guys to target for me.  I figure Chris Johnson, AP, Arian Foster, and Jamaal Charles will all be off the board for sure with Maurice Jones-Drew also in the mix there.  I do have good intel that Aaron Rogers will be going fifth (he is a Packers fan) and so worst case scenario has Rice and McCoy gone, where I will than "settle" for Charles.  Its a win-win.  No drafting Andre Johnson in the first round this season as I am planning on getting this guy next.....

Round 2:  Take Larry Fitzgerald:  I would love to have Roddy White fall back into my lap but I know it wont happen.  Its just as well though as I dont think White will have those numbers again with Julio Jones aboard.  Fitzgerald meanwhile has many spooked due to the awful QB play for Arizona last season but the guy still caught over 90 balls which was amazing.  Kevin Kolb is a big upgrade from the garbage the team had last season and so Fitzgerald is ready to put up top WR numbers again.  Based on talent along, Fitzgerald is right there with Johnson as the number 1 guy so  I will gladly take the discount in round 2 and I am almost certain I will get him there.

Round 3:  Take Wes Welker:  What?  Isnt this too early for Welker?  Not in PPR it isnt.  I lvoe Welker and last season was the first season I was without him since he became a big time guy.  I expect him to threaten 100 catches again and he is without a doubt the best pure PPR guy out there minus some scores. 

Round 4:  Take Jason Witten:  Of course.  What else would I do here?  I have taken Witten in round 4 the last four seasons and I can only think someone will finally beat me to him this season.  If Witten is gone, I will grab Jermichael Finley since he is sitting on a monster season.  I am very adamant about getting either Witten or Finley for my TE spot. 

So thats how I see my first four rounds going. Notice I wont be planning on taking a QB until the fifth round where I hope to snag Matt Ryan who has a ridiculous amount of talent to throw to.  Eli Manning would be the fallback option since may of the picks he threw last season were flukish.  Sure I would love a Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Rogers, or Phillip Rivers but I think there is more depth this season with a discounted Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, Ryan, Manning, along with sleepers Sam Bradford (love this kid, he will be my backup QB), Josh Freeman, and Matthew Stafford.  So thats what I will be doing.  Next I will be posting a primer on guys I will be looking at more specifically at each position, along with the guys I will be avoiding like the plague. 

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