Thursday, August 11, 2011


Yesterday I wrote about how I plan to proceed through the early portion of my keeper league draft this weekend and taking things a step further, I wanted to share with you the names I ma not after at each position.  Tomorrow I wrap it up with guys I am avoiding at each spot.  So without delay, here is how I see things as they stand at this point.

Quarterback Targets:  Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Schaub, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Sam Bradford, Matthew Stafford

-I have already decided not to use my first round pick on Aaron Rogers as great as he is.  I also wont go for Drew Brees or Philip Rivers in round 2 and I certainly wont go for the overrated Michael Vick.  That leaves Manning and Brady as two QB's I MIGHT look at in round 2.  I already have planned to take a RB-WR in the first two rounds so its not likely but its also possible I could consider Manning or Brady in round 2 since Brady was so awesome for me in that same spot last season.  My plan however is to go for Ryan or Manning in round 5 and I think both stand a great chance to throw for 4,000 yards and close to 30 TD's.  I also will look to add Bradford as my backup QB as I think he can be great and would make great trade bait if he busts out of the gate.  I always suggest going for an upside guy as your backup QB for that reason.

Running Back Targets:  Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice, LeSean McCoy, Frank Gore, Knowshon Moreno, Fred Jackson, Daniel Thomas, Ryan Williams, Mike Tolbert

-I am hard after Rice and McCoy in round one where I pick sixth.  I basically know I will have a great shot at one of them as AP, Chris Johnson, Aaron Rogers, Arian Foster, and Charles will be going top five.  I would prefer Rice but I wont cry if I get McCoy.  If by some chance both are gone, I will look to Gore in round 2 where I think he will be there.  After that I am hoping to land Moreno in round 6 but I wont hold my breath.  I would even consider grabbing him in round 5 if he is there as I am big on his overall potential.  I would than try to fill my bench with nice catch/run guys like the underrated Jackson, and than look at high ceiling rookies Thomas and Williams who could start.  I will finish up with Tolbert who will catch passes and get goal-line carries plus Ryan Matthews is always hurt so he could become a feature back.

Wide Receiver Targets:  Roddy White, Larry Fitzgerald, Miles Austin, Brandon Marshall, Reggie Wayne, Wes Welker, Austin Collie, Chad Ochocinco, Anquan Boldin, Percy Harvin, Julio Jones, Davone Bess, AJ Green, Lance Moore, Danny Amendola

-I will end my two year run of taking Andre Johnson in the first round and hope that White drops to me in round 2 which I dont think will happen.  I fully expect Fitzgerald to be there and I will wait all of 1 second to make the pick.  This guy was the consensus top WR in fantasy football two seasons ago and he still caught over 90 balls with some of the worst quarterback play ever last season.  He should have the chance to be the top guy once again at a cheaper rate.  I will than look for Welker in round 3 and even though it might seem like a reach, this is a PPR league and it doesnt get much better than him when it comes to catching passes.  Sign me up.  I will try to fill my third spot with Ochocinco or Collie who both have some risk but also big time potential with Collie being a Welker clone and Ocho looking to pull a Randy Moss 2009 with new QB Brady.  Finally PPR guys like Bess, Moore, and Amendola make perfect bench guys who can work their work their way into the lineup real soon.

Tight End Targets:  Jason Witten, Jermichael Finley, Brandon Pettigrew, Tony Gonzalez, Jimmy Graham, Jared Cook

-Witten has been an obsession of mine for years and I will look to draft him in the fourth round for the fifth straight season.  Failing that, Finley is my fallback in round 4 as he is sitting on a monster season.  Pettigrew did nice things for me during Witten's bye last season and he was very good all around with the ability to do more.  Gonzalez is old reliable in a big offense, while Graham and Cook have potential to vastly exceed their draft value.

Kicker and Defense wait until the last two rounds as I dont believe in picking them until than since they are interchangeable.  Let me know what you think. 

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