Tuesday, August 23, 2011


We looked at the updated fantasy baseball catcher rankings the other day so today lets move up the line to the first baseman who are the prime hitting stars in our fake game.  Lets take a look at where they all currently stand with the season having a little over a month left to go.

1.  Albert Pujols.
2.  Miguel Cabrera
3.  Adrian Gonzalez
4.  Joey Votto
5.  Prince Fielder
6.  Mark Texeira
7.  Ryan Howard
8.  Paul Konerko
9.  Kevin Youkilis
10. Lance Berkman
11. Billy Butler
12. Mark Reynolds
13. Ike Davis
14. Justin Morneau
15. Adam Lind
16. Carlos Santana
17. Pablo Sandoval
18. Carlos Pena
19. Mike Napoli
20. Victor Martinez

-The first base position should see 5 guys drafted in the first round next season from Pujols to Fielder.  I am very tempted to place Miguel Cabrera ahead of Pujols but for now I will keep Prince Albert at the top.  The fact that Pujols showed a bit of slippage this season and is five years older than Cabrera gives me reason to make the change. 
-Behind Pujols and Cabrera, Votto, Fielder, and Gonzalez have all been fantastic in their own rights, especially the latter two.  Gonzalez has seen a noticeable power outage since the end of July but that's because he is dealing with a shoulder problem.  I will give him a mulligan for that as he was clearly the best hitter in the game before this issue came about.  As far as Votto is concerned, the home runs are down but the rest of his numbers are fine.  The drop to 7 steals currently is something else that has been talked about but you cant rely on a first baseman supplying much there.  Dont downgrade him too much next season.  Finally Fielder is making good on his walk year and if he ends up in Colorado or with the Yankees next season, he will shoot past Gonzalez and Votto on this list.
-Mark Texeira continues to confound me as his average has been ugly for two years now.  The power will continue to be huge in Yankee Stadium but its looking more and more like he is hitting for the fences too much which has ruined his swing some. 
-Ike Davis needs to be monitored this offseason to see how his microfracture surgery goes.  He was on his way to a big time bustout season before he got hurt so if the signs are good in the winter, move him up some.
-Paul Konerko will be 36 next season which is a concern for sure.  Everytime we doubt him however, he comes up with a big season.  Should be a fine value again next season since many will try to sell high.
-Don't bother me with the Billy Butler will hit 25 home runs post next season.  Yes he has been hot the second half but he still only has 15 home runs.  For a guy that big that is terrible.  No thanks.
-From Lind all the way down to Martinez are guys you don't want at 1B.  Since they carry dual eligibility, that value in and of itself puts them on this list.  Still get a better bat from higher on the chart.

That's how I see it.  As always would love to hear what you think.


  1. this was doine back in August. new updated rankings coming soon. I have Hosmer top ten in my draft guide which is currently on sale.

    The Fantasy Sports Boss