Monday, August 1, 2011


Its Monday and thus another day of fantasy baseball Closing Time is upon us.  Lets take a look at all of the latest news from around the majors in the ninth inning.

-So the trade deadline came and went and really it was much adieu about nothing when it came to closers.  The biggest surprise was the fact the San Diego Padres held onto Heath Bell and instead traded Mike Adans which threw a monkey wrench into many fantasy baseball owners' plans.  The Padres just didnt like the offers they were getting from the Yankees, Rangers, and Cardinals and thus the decided to make an attempt to re-sign him in the offseason.  The big winner here is Bell's owners who get to have him as a closer the rest of the season as he wont be dealt through waivers since he wont make it through.  The biggets loser of course was the Mike Adams owner who were waiting for Bell to get the hell out of there so that he could instantly become a top ten closer.  Didnt happen and now he goes to Texas where he will work in setup.

The same deal happened to Koji Uehara who joins Adams in Texas to setup Neftali Feliz.  It was hoped in this corner that Kevin Gregg would be dealt by Baltimore and that Uehara would take over there as well but the team felt they were selling high on the 36-year old.  It made sense in baseball terms but Uehara has been so good this season you would have liked to have seen him get a chance.

Feliz is also a winner here as now he doesnt have to deal with the shadow of Bell who was rumored to be going there all along.  If he does falter though, I would expect Adams to get the shot but dont hold your breath.

-Drew Storen surprisingly came up in trade talks the last week in a possible deal for Twins outfielder Denard Span.  Talks progressed to the point where the teams agreed to part with their respective players but the rest of the package was the holdup.  The Nationals have a closer in waiting in Tyler Clippard and this could be looked at again this offseason but once again those who made the proactive move with Clippard like I did were left with nothing to show for it.

-As far as the waivers trading, Kyle Farnsworth and Kevin Gregg could be moved during this time period but thats just speculation. 

Thats all for now.  As always please check back for more news as it occurs.

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