Monday, August 8, 2011


As always Monday means its time to check in with all the latest closer news in Fantasy Baseball Closing Time.  Lets get right to it.

-The Texas Rangers failed to bring in Heath Bell from San Diego and it was thought that incumbent closer Neftali Feliz would be a bit more relaxed without having Bell breathing down his neck in this season of inconsistency.  Well Feliz comes off his sixth blown save of the season where he once again looked bad and his job could start to be in question due to the presence of fallback trade options Koji Uehara and Mike Adams.  Both guys have the stuff to get it done in the ninth inning and both have been about as dominant as you can get in the ninth inning this season so Feliz has to shape up quick or else.  As far as who would get first crack, I would have to think that Adams would be the better choice since Uehara tends to give up home runs but it could easily go the other way.  This move is still a bit off but it needs to be watched.
UPDATE:  Mike Adams earned the save on Sunday night but this could have been just a day of rest for Feliz.  At the very least we now know it would be Adams and not Uehara who is next in line.

-Chris Perez of the Indians is another one who is struggling lately and it was yours truly who predicted it back when I posted him featured in a Fantasy Baseball Bust profile.  Perez has a much longer leash than does Neftali Feliz but the Indians are in the midst of a big time pennant race and cant fool around there.  Vinny Pestano has been ridiculous in a setup role and is the guy to add as a fallback in case.

-Jon Rauch and Jason Isringhausen are two current closers who could be dealt over the next few weeks which would open things up for Bobby Parnell and Frank Francisco to move back into the ninth inning.  Not very exciting options but saves are saves as they say.

That's all for now as it was a quiet week as far as closers are concerned.  Stay tuned to the site as all the latest news will be posted as it occurs.

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