Sunday, August 14, 2011


Its now the third round of the Fantasy Sports Boss PPR fantasy football league and I go into the round with Andre Johnson at WR and LeSean McCoy at RB.  I am sitting pretty to say the least and am looking at Wes Welker for round 3 but will take Larry Fitzgerald in a second if he is there as it amazed me he is still around.  So lets get to what happened.

21. Rashard Mendenhall:  This is a bit later than I thought Mendenhall would go but it makes sense since this is a PPR format and he doesnt catch a lot of passes.  Basically he is a younger version of Michael Turner which causes his value to drop some in PPR.

22. Maurice Jones-Drew:  Cant believe it took to the third round for Jones-Drew to come off the board but this is all because of continuing questions about his surgically repaired knee.  Either way this is big time value at this stage for a guy who can easily produce like a number 1 pick.

23. Larry Fitzgerald:  Damn there it is.  Like with Jones-Drew, Fitzgerald is a huge value in round 3 and he should have been gone by now.  Kevin Kolb is an upgrade from the mess that Arizona put out there under center last season so look for a run back to the 100 catch arena.  With Larry off the board I pretty much figure I am getting Welker.  However Tom Brady is still on the board and he makes an excellent value pick.

24. Tom Brady:  There goes that thought.  Brady going after Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers is debatable but what is not a debate is that the value was tremendous here for a guy who can put up the best numbers at the position this season. 

25.  Mike Wallace:  I dont like this pick at all.  Its not that Wallace doesnt have talent.  Its just that he is not perfectly suited to this foremat in that he is more for those that play in TD heavy leagues.  Welker, Dwayne Bowe, or even Brandon Marshall would have been better. 

26. Vincent Jackson:  A major run on receivers now as Jackson comes off the board.  Jackson is intriguing as he will be playing in one of the best passing offenses in the game.  With Philip Rivers throwing the passes, a double-digit TD season could be in the offing. 

27.  DeSean Jackson:  The trend is all receivers now which is why I am totally feeling Welker.  Jackson is like Wallace in that he is better suited to the TD heavy leagues.  He just wont catch enough passes to be good enough in PPR and he is a big injury risk.

28.  Fantasy Sports Boss Pick:  Frank Gore:  As I was getting ready to pick Welker, I noticed that Gore was still there and the thought of pairing him with his dual running and receiving game with LeSean McCoy was too much of a temptation.  I am counting on 14 games going in and if he plays the other two it will be a bonus.  Many forget he was on pace for the best rushing fantasy football season of anyone in 2010 before he got injured.  Welker will hopefully be there the next round but what I also did here was put Jason Witten in jeopardy since round 4 is when I always to take the guy.  We shall see.

29.  Matt Forte:  I like this pick as Forte plays in the Mike Martz offense which out Marshall Faulk in the Hall of Fame.  I am not saying Forte is nearly as good as Faulk but he has the receiving/running game that plays great in PPR. 

30. Steven Jackson:  Jackson is aging and is a bit of a risk.  Yes he is only 28 but there is a ton of wear and tear on these tires.  A dropoff could come swiftly like it did Shaun Alexander but I think he will be solid enough for another year.  At the end of the third round its perfectly fine to look to the guy.

So the first three rounds are in the books and I am ecstatic at having both my running back spots filled with rushing/receiving types and having the best wide receiver in the game.  I still need a QB as all the big names are off the board but Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, and Eli Manning are all available with three teams still needing a passer.  That means I will get one of those four whcih I am fine with. That can wait.  Its Welker followed by Miles Austin or than maybe Jason Witten.  Lets see how it goes.

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