Sunday, August 14, 2011


So round 2 of the Fantasy Sports Boss fantasy football draft is ready to begin and at this point I have picked Andre Johnson to fulfill my big time PPR receiver.  The first round was a big shock as LeSean McCoy and Maurice Jones-Drew have both fallen out of round 1 and I am salivating at the thought of McCoy at the very least.  Lets see how it unfolded.

11. Hakeem Nicks:  Nicks has all the talent in the world and the only thing holding him back is a propensity to get hurt.  He will clear 10 TD's and could threaten 15 if he stays healthy and he also is a nice PPR guy.  With Steve Smith out of New York, Nicks will get a ton of attention from Eli Manning in the passing game.

12. Drew Brees:  I didnt really like this pick as there had not been a run on QB's yet and you can bunch Brees in with Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Philip Rivers.  They all can be ranked indifferent orders without much argument.  So unbelievably LeSean McCoy has fallen into my lap.  Wow.

13. LeSean Mccoy:  I am so ecstatic that McCoy has dropped to me.  I got a middle first round talent at a second round price.  McCoy is arguably the best pure pass receiver as far as running backs are concerned and his extreme ability there covers up for being a bit light on rushing yards and TD's.  Loving my draft so far.  Now its best player available for the third round as Wes Welker has entered into my consciousness due to his amazing PPR ability.

14. Michael Turner:  Turner is much more valuable in PPR leagues since he doesnt catch the ball but he is also a beast as far as rushing yards and scores are concerned.  I would have taken Rashard Mendenhall over him or even Gore but thats nitpicking.

15. Greg Jennings:  Jennings over Fitzgerald or even Reggie Wayne was a big shock.  I am not saying he doesnt have ability as Jennings is one of the best TD wideouts in the game but the Packers spread the ball around enough that it limits his overall haul of catches. 

16. Michael Vick:  The QB's are going to start going off the board soon and I was prepared for his in not taking one in the second round.  Vick is like getting a running back combined with a QB which is huge but he always winds up missing games to injury which makes him a big risk.  Would rather have gone Rivers, Brady, or Manning.

17. Darren McFadden:  This owner got both Chris Johnson and McFadden and both will either sink or swim this roster.  McFadden is another injury risk guy who can big up ridiculous numbers if he stays on the field. 

18. Reggie Wayne:  I really like Wayne in a PPR format but there is some leakage in his name such as his lowest yards/catch of his career last season along with only 6 TD's in 2010 as well.  Again I dont understand why people are passing over Fitzgerald.

19. Peyton Manning:  Its only a matter of time now before Rivers and Brady are off the board.  Again its a coin flip with any of these three guys so I wont quibble with Manning going before the other two.

20. Phillip Rivers:  I rest my case.  The QB run is full steam ahead and it took place in the second round like I thought.  Keep this in mind. 

So two rounds are in the book and I have a stud at wideout and at running back.  I am still focusing in on Wes Welker as the most likely pick but Larry Fitzgerald will be the guy if he somehow makes it to me which I dont think will happen.  Also Frank Gore has me interested because he makes a great value in round 3 due to ability to both run and catch the ball. 

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