Saturday, August 20, 2011


Round 5 of my PPR fantasy football draft brought me a tight end but not the one I wanted with Jason Witten getting snatched up a few picks before I took Jermichael Finley.  I also have Andre Johnson and Wes Welker at WR, along with a stacked RB corp in LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore.  Still without a QB and a third WR.  The only other team without a QB already picked so I will wait another round to go in that direction so WR it is.  The pickings are starting to get slim with Dez Bryant, and rookie AJ Green and Julio Jones getting my attention.  Lets see how it turned out.

51. AJ Green:  Green over Julio Jones is not something I agree with and it all has to do with the QB situations for both.  Green will have a rookie tossing balls his way, while Jones will have the very accomplished Matt Ryan looking in his direction.  So with Green off the board, I am tempted to take Jones.

52. Joseph Addai:  People are going to start looking for their third running back which is a very good idea due to bye weeks and the high probability of injuries.  Addai is the perfect third back in that he plays in a high-powered attack and can catch the football.  Injuries are a big problem though so there is that.

53.  Fantasy Sports Boss Pick:  Julio Jones:  So I wind up going with Jones for my third wideout as I am looking for some major upside.  Jones is in a ready-made offense that could enable him to be very good right off the bat.  However after making this pick I had feelings of regret in not taking Dez Bryant or Chad Ochocinco who I targeted coming in but who I forgot about along the way.  Also Austin Collie was someone who I also should have taken over Jones so altogether this was a bad pick on my part. 

54. Dallas Clark:  I actually made a mistake in the previous Round 5 writeup.  This owner took Clark right before me in round 5 which made me take Jermichael Finley and he took Ryan Grant this round.  Anyways as far as Clark is concerned, he will catch a ton of balls and score touchdowns as long as he stays on the field which is an annual problem for the guy.  Its as simple as this.

55. Sidney Rice:  I am not a fan of Rice simply for the fact he will be playing with a truly terrible QB in Tavaris Jackson this season.  Rice the player has huge ability but he will be hamstrung by his QB and have a very tough time putting up numbers he is capable of.

56. Mario Manningham:  Interesting pick in that there is a huge void in the Giants passing game with Steve Smith now in Philly.  Manningham has a decent season last year when Smith was out and he could take another step forward in 2011.  Nice upside with this choice.

57. Vernon Davis:  I think the TE's are going to start flying off the board now and Davis was picked correctly in the order after Witten, Gates, Finley, and Clark.  Another year with Alex Smith is not exciting but the guy has had two very good seasons in a row at a shallow spot.

58. Chad Ochocinco:  Yeah I F-ed up big time in not taking Ocho over Julio Jones.  Ochocinco could have a big comeback season with Tom Brady like Randy Moss did coming over from Oakland.  Great value.

59. Plaxico Burress:  Another reclamation project that came way too early.  Over Austin Collie?  Over Santonio Holmes?  Over Dez Bryant?  Yuck.

60. Dez Bryant:  Yeah kicking myself again.  Bryant could easily be a top five WR this season as he is ridiculously gifted.  I am not even exaggerating in the least.  He only has to stay out of trouble which seems to be challenge for the guy.

So six rounds are in the book and I will queue up Tony Romo in round 7 as I dont think anyone will grab a backup QB this early.  The choice is Romo or Matt Schaub and I am going with the guy who has thrown for 30 TD's in the past of which Schaub cant claim to have achieved.  We'll see how it works out. 

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