Monday, August 15, 2011


Round 4 of the 2011 fantasy sports boss fantasy football draft is up next for analysis and at this point I had already landed Andre Johnson at receiver, along with LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore at running back.  I passed on Wes Welker in round 3 and will hope he drops back to me in round 4 since this is a PPR league and his extreme contributions in catches are very valuable.  Also Jason Witten could be in jeopardy since I always draft him in round 4 and will have to hope he drops to round 5.  Anyway lets see how things shook out in this round.

31. Dwayne Bowe:  Bowe is interesting to me in that the 15 TD catches he had last season likely wont be repeated.  When your best attribute from the previous season is touchdowns, the likeliehood of being a bit overdrafted is high and thats the case here, especially in PPR.  The Chiefs could be the most run-heavy team in the league and Steve Breaston and rookie Jon Baldwin are on board to take some catches away.  Miles Austin would have been the better pick. 

32.  Miles Austin:  Speaking of Austin.  I was starting to get tempted to take him over Welker but now its all Welker for me.  Austin was the best receiver in fantasy football before Tony Romo got hurt last season and he once again could be front and center with the catches. 

33. Wes Welker:  Yahtzee.  I gambled that Welker would be there and I got my man for the third time in four seasons.  He is a gem in PPR fantasy football leagues and he even scored 7 TD's last season.  Another year removed from knee surgery, Welker should get close to the 100-catch mark again.  So now I got to pray Witten makes it back to me.  With Antonio Gates still on the board, I am hopeful.

34. Marques Colston:  Its all receivers now as everyone is trying to shore that positon up after the QB run went by.  Colston always gives a good effort but is always shrouded in injury concerns.  Once the end of the season hits though, he usually has his numbers.  Still Brandon Marshall was a little bit more of a safer pick.

35. Vincent Jackson:  Jackson is back with the Chargers and will be the big time target deep for Phillip Rivers.  He has never been a PPR guy but he could easily go for double digits in scores.  Again I think Brandon Marshall was the better choice based on the league.

36. Antonio Gates:  Not good.  Now that Gates is off the board, Witten will soon follow.  I dont mind the pick as the fourth round is when I always look for tight end in the past but Gates is too injury prone and starting to get up there in age to go ahead of Witten and even Dallas Clark since this is PPR.

37. Brandon Marshall:  Its amazing how many receivers are going now and Marshall was a nice value at this point.  His QB stinks but he can catch 80 passes in his sleep.  His playoff matchups are rough though so trade him halfway through the season.

38. Matt Ryan:  Matty Ice goes a bit earlier than usual but I love the pick.  He is operating in quite possibly the most explosive offense in the league with Roddy White, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, etc. and 30 scores is attainable.  Only two teams are without a QB now and Tony Romo and Matt Schaub are both available so I figure I will end up with one of them.  Hang on Witten.

39. Peyton Hillis:  Hillis was one of the best values in fantasy football last season as he caught a boatload of passes and rumbled his way into the end zone with regularity.  That is until the fantasy football playoffs arrived when he vanished under the workload.  Monatrio Hardesty will be getting a nice chunk of the work this season which will cut into his numbers some but I still like Hillis at this point in the draft due to his pass catching ability.

40. Mike Williams:  I am intrigued with Williams who opened a lot of eyes with a better than it looked rookie season.  Hitting double digits in scores in your first year is huge and its obvious that Josh Freeman is a fan.  He is not the best PPR guy around but the potential is there for more and we are entering that point in the draft where that is a factor.

So four rounds are in the book and my guy Witten is still out there.  He is only 7 picks away.  If Witten falls by the wayside, Jermichael Finley is my fallback as I will wait on QB since only one other team needs one.  No one else has caught my eye at this point so its a tight end or bust then next round. 

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