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So my 2011 fantasy football money league PPR draft is in the books and starting today I will take you through the draft pick by pick and offer my take on each of the players picked.  Lets get right to it with round 1 where I drew the 8th spot.  Going in I was happy with that slot since I wanted to get a stud RB and than follow that up with a stud WR on the way back in round 2.  If I drafted in the top five, the big three wideouts in my mind which were Andre Johnson, Roddy White, and Larry Fitzgerald would be gone.  I than prepared myself to be looking at taking a RB at my drat spot and figured I had an outside shot at LeSean McCoy but more likely would be looking at making a risky call on Maurice Jones-Drew and his iffy knee along with maybe taking Frank Gore since this is a PPR format.  I would than follow that up with Fitzgerald in round 2 since I was confident he would be there on the way back.  So lets see how things turned out.

1.  Arian Foster:  This was the obvious choice and the right one with Chris Johnson still holding out and with this being a PPR format.  Nothing to quibble with in regards to this pick.

2.  Roddy White:  Wow right off the bat we got one out of leftfield.  This is a PPR format and I have no issue with looking for high reception guys but this was way too early and it was ahead of Andre Johnson which is questionable for sure.  Adrian Peterson should have been the pick there.  This pick also altered my strategy as now I am taking Andre Johnson if he is there since I need a big time PPR receiver and its only he and Fitzgerald left as far as sure things.

3.  Ray Rice:  Another shocked as this guy passes on Adrian Peterson but I actually like this pick due to the news that Rice will now be getting goal-line carries.  Combine that with his 60-plus catch efficiency and you could very well have the second best scorer in the game with Foster just in front of him this season.

4.  Chris Johnson:  Big gamble here as he takes the holdout Johnson over Peterson.  Its already amazing how far Peterson has fallen and someone will be getting a big value.  I am worried obviously about Johnson's holdout and the fact the lockout could make him a huge injury risk this season since he has not worked with the team at all for the better part of a year.  Still if he does make it back, he is a top three guy in PPR without any argument.

5.  Adrian Peterson:  This guy was jumping up and down with his good fortune and rightfully so.  Its criminal that Peterson lasted this far as he is one of the surest best in the first round.  He doesnt catch as many passes as the other three backs taken but the TD's and yards are top notch and will continue to be.  I am looking hard at Johnson but I notice that Jamaal Charles is still there who took me to the title last season.  Interesting debate starting in my noodle.

6.  Shonn Greene:  Uggh this was terrible.  I will say that the guy is a Jets fan but this is ridiculous.  Greene has big potential as a runner but he has zero value as a receiver and doing this over Charles was a joke. 

7.  Aaron Rodgers:  The first QB comes off the board and its the right one.  Rodgers has valeu both in the passing and running categories and he is the easy choice at the top of the QB list.  So that means Jamaal Charles has fallen to me at 8 but I still am worried about losing Johnson.  Also LeSean McCoy has also fallen to me which is doubly shocking.  A tough debate is full on for me.

8.  Fantasy Sports Boss Pick:  Andre Johnson:  I go with my gut and take old friend Johnson.  This marks the fourth straight season I have ended up with Johnson and I drafted him in round 1 when I won the league last season.  I went with Johnson too since McCoy, Charles, Maurice Jones-Drew, Frank Gore, and Rashard Mendenhall have all fallen to my portion of the draft.  This is in contrast to Johnson and only Larry Fitzgerald being the big time PPR sure things left at receiver.  So I feel very secure in knowing I will end up with a very good back in round 2 and so Johnson is the choice.

9.  Calvin Johnson:  My pick of Johnson was validated by the pick of Calvin bearing the same last name.  Megatron however is not nearly the PPR weapon that Andre or White are.  Still it was a very solid pick there but either Charles or McCoy will drop out of round 1 which is amazing to me.  If either one slips back to me they are mine.

10.  Jamaal Charles:  There it is.  Not a shock as Charles as a huge value at this point.  Now I just got to hope this guy doesnt double up on backs and also grabs McCoy.  I have zoned in on McCoy, Maurice Jones-Drew or Frank Gore as my second round pick.  Larry Fitzgerald is a temptation as well but I dont think I will go this route.

So thats how round 1 went.  The biggest shock was that LeSean McCoy fell out of the first round and that the concerns about Maurice Jones-Drew and his knee have shown up here for sure.  Onto round 2. 

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