Thursday, August 25, 2011


Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo has been an extremely volatile fantasy football performer the last four seasons as he has been brilliant when on the field but has dealt with injuries throughout that time period.  The highs were when he threw for 26 TD's in 2007 or when he threw for over 4,400 yards in 2009.  The lowlights were missing three games in 2008 and missing the last 10 games of 2010 after a hot start .  So Romo is clearly one of those high risk/high reward guys that makes every fantasy football owner look inside to determine how lucky they feel when picking the guy.  So with that all said, lets take a look at what Romo will provide his fantasy football owners this season. 

As far as Romo the passer is concerned, there are only a few better throwers of the football in the entire league.  The last three seasons before 2010's injury-wracked campaign, Romo threw for 36, 26, and 26 touchdowns and so there is little debate about the fact he will be a very good fantasy football scorer when it comes to scores.  The vast arsenal of weapons annually during Romo's tenure is also a big help and he once again has a stable of big time pass receivers such as Dez Bryant, Miles Austin, and Jason Witten.  That will also allow him to throw for big yardage as well and Romo has two 4,000 yard plus season to name as well.  A run at 4,000 is likely if he stays on the field. 

Now for his health.  Romo has been labeled as an injury-prone QB but that's a bit misleading.  Since becoming the starter in the 2006 season, Romo has played in all 16 games in three of his five seasons.  His two injury-interrupted seasons were a bit flukish in nature and so I don't think its accurate to call Romo an injury risk.  QB's get hit a lot and unless your last name ends in Manning, games will be missed.  Whats key here is that Romo actually makes for a very good value this season since he is being drafted as late as he has in years due to last season's injury and the upside is tremendous when you look at what he has accomplished in his past.  I am putting my money where my mouth is as well since I drafted Romo in my one and only fantasy football money league. The round I got him in?  Round 6!  Tremendous value for sure.

So in closing, I think Tony Romo will once again be one of the best fantasy football QB's this season and he could easily produce on the levels of some of the guys drafted before him.  Yes there is some risk there but as long as you back him up with another solid passer (as I did with picking up Eli Manning later in my draft), you will be good to go. 

2011 PROJECTION:  4,182 yards 27 TD 14 INT

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