Thursday, August 4, 2011


The Philadelphia Eagles are on many short lists to win the Super Bowl this season and they are setup to be in the thick of things for years due to the presence of many high-impact young players both on offense and defense.  One of those players is 22-year-old, third-year running back LeSean McCoy who loudly exclaimed his presense to NFL defenses last season, along with becoming a top performer in fantasy football.  So in our latest 2011 Fantasy Football Player Analyzer, we take a look at McCoy in depth as we try to determine what he could yield to his owners this season.

First lets take a look at the exact numbers that McCoy posted in his breakout 2010 season:

1,080 yards rushing
7 rushing TD's
78 receptions
592 receiving yards
2 receiving TD's.

Obviously, McCoy was an all-around beast last season and he once again will play a very promient role in the 2011 Eagles offense.  Looking a bit deeper into the numbers, its easy to see that McCoy was a much more valuable PPR option with 78 catches which led all running backs.  In fact in PPR leagues, it wouldnt be a stretch to say that McCoy is a better draft pick than say someone like a Michael Turner or a Rashard Mendenhall who are guys that are much for valuable in TD heavy formats.  Look for McCoy to once again challenge the receptions title among running backs as Andy Reid and QB Michael Vick love taking advantage of his blazing speed out of the backfield.  Its a staple of their offense and really McCoy is almost used like how New England does Wes Welker.  So you can see just how valuable a PPR fantasy football guy he is.  The extra yardage that come with those catches are also very valuable for sure when judging between McCoy and a guy who is less adept at catching the ball.

As far as the rushing yards are concerned, McCoy was a little light there with just over 1,000 yards on the season which is the lowest by a decent margin of all the other backs who are being taken in round 1.  Its clear that at only 5-8 and 208 pounds, McCoy is not built to be an every down back who piles up the carries.  In fact in ten of McCoy's 16 games, he failed to rush for over 75 yards so its obvious the team has a plan not to run him down and thus wont expose him to the high carry total that an Adrian Peterson or a Turner would get.  The 7 rushing TD's were very solid last season and really thats about as much as you can expect from McCoy this season as well since he just doesnt get the requisite carries to be a double-digit guy. 

Now lets get to Ronnie Brown.  In case you didnt see it, the Eagles signed the former Dolphins back and former first round pick Brown this past week.  Brown has proven himself to be a very solid back in the NFL and he is also a big time Wildcat weapon which the Eagles will surely take advantage of.  He also has the size that McCoy doesnt and so the obvious thing would be to expect Brown to get the goal-line carries this season.  This could hurt McCoy's TD total and knock it down the 5 range so be aware of this when drafting.  And as I said Brown is a big time Wildcat guy so he could supplant McCoy on some third downs due to that ability which could slightly affect his catch total also.

All in all, I still think LeSean McCoy is a huge weapon in fantasy football, with a big time emphasis on those that play in PPR.  He is still getting better and even though Brown is now around to complicate things, I still think McCoy will get his usual allotment of touches and the numbers that go with it. 

2011 PROJECTION:  1,104 yards 6 TD 71 catches 2 TD

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