Saturday, August 27, 2011


Time to take a look at another 2011 fantasy football draft sleeper as the season is quickly approaching and we will take a bit of an unconventional spin today by looking away from the skill positions and to defense.  Defense of course is a necessary but often overlooked part of fantasy football.  Many switch defenses in and out every week which is something I don't have an issue with but its also a good idea to identify a defense that is up and coming and could supply some nice value for the season.  With that in mind, I centered in on the Detroit Lions...yes the Lions...defense as that type of unit for 2011 and thus they make a very good sleeper candidate to look at in your draft.

As far as the Lions defense is concerned, one only has to look up front and in the middle to see why I am so high on this bunch.  Already possibly the best DT in the game, second-year man Ndamakung Suh is back to wreak havoc on opposing QB's on again.  Suh is a beast who is the rare DT who will rack up double-digit sacks while also clogging the middle.  The Lions no doubt hit the draft lottery with this guy but they decided to do one better by adding a similarly talented prospect in Nick Fairley in the 2011 draft.  Fairley was a big time pass rushing DT in college at Auburn and he would have been a top 3 pick if not for some character issues.  Be that as it may, Fairley is expected to have an immediate impact once he gets back from a foot injury that he suffered in the preseason (which could be as quick as Week 1), he will team with Suh to form possibly the best DT set in the league who will terrorize their opposing backfields.

As great as those two guys are, they are not the only talented pieces on the Detroit defense.  Also along the defensive line is pass rusher Kyle VandenBosche who has had some big sack seasons in his past and on the other end is Cliff Avril who surprised many by racking up 9 sacks last season.  That means all four guys on the defensive line can get to the QB and so the sack numbers alone could be huge for the club.  Looking at the rest of the unit, OLB Stephen Tulloch racked up an absurd 159 tackles last season, while Eric Wright and Chris Houston help make up a ball-hawking secondary.  So the numbers will come from all over the unit.

All in all, I think the Detroit Lions make for a very good sleeper defense this season.  I still advise to pay attention to matchups each week as I wouldn't recommend any defense to go up against the Packers for instance but overall I think the Lions defense will be a big help to those who take the plunge. 

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