Thursday, August 18, 2011


Roy Williams has had one of the more disappointing fantasy football careers as far as wide receivers in recent memory.  Drafted by the Detroit Lions as the 7th overall choice of his draft class, Williams looked to be on his way to stardom with 23 touchdown catches in his first three seasons.  Soon however Williams fell out of favor in Detroit due to injuries and a prima donna attitude and was shipped off to the Dallas Cowboys for a boatload of draft picks.  Needless to say Williams was a colossal bust in Dallas as Miles Austin and Dez Bryant rendered him a third receiver and so the Cowboys didnt even bat an eye in cutting ties with Williams once the lockout was completed.  So why do I think Williams makes a good fantasy football sleeper for 2011?  Allow me to explain.

As far as what a prototypical receiver should look like, Williams would be a good model due to his 6-3 frame and solid speed for his size.  Williams was quite possibly the best recever in college football while at Texas and it seemed the sky was the limit.  Unfortunately starting off with the miserable Lions stunted his growth despite some early success and soured his attitude.  Than when he went to Dallas, he walked into a loaded offense that had many various weapons which cut into his numbers and hid what he could offer with a better chance for more targets.  Williams has now ended up in Chicago with a pure gun slinging QB in Jay Cutler who has been in dire need of a go-to-receiver since coming to town.  In Williams, Cutler now has his best wideout since Brandon Marshall in Denver and no doubt with Mike Martz running the show, the Bears will take to the air all season.  Williams will be the prime beneficiary of this attack and so just for the fact he is the number 1 receiver with an accomplished QB who likes to throw, he stands a very good chance to put up numbers close to what he first arrived in the league. 

Regarding what numbers we could expect from Williams, there is no doubt that he can reach the 80 catch plateau in the Martz offense with Cutler throwing to him all season.  A run at 1,000 yards would go with it, along with 6-8 TD's.  Thats wide receiver 2 numbers folks and this from a guy who is being drafted toward the end of fantasy football drafts this summer.  So do yourself a favor and take advantage at the upside and value Williams could provide for your roster.  Its these kind of guys who win you titles and Williams could prove to be one of the best bargains this season.

2011 PROJECTION:  81 catches 1,094 yards 7 TD

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