Monday, August 15, 2011


The 2011 fantasy football drafting season continues unabated and I bring you another draft debate to examine.  Today lets take a look at the top portion of the QB cheat sheet, specifically the Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning, the New England Patriots' Tom Brady, and the San Diego Chargers' Phillip Rivers.  All three guys are being drafted right in front of each other in various different orders.  Lets break things down and try to determine which guy really should be picked ahead of the other two in one of our closest drafte debates ever.  As always we compare the three in the various fantasy football scoring categories they are relevant with.

Passing Yards:  Rivers and Manning both hit the 4,700 yard mark last season which is as good as it gets in fantasy football.  Meanwhile Brady came just under the 4,000 yard mark with 3,900.  All three very easily can move back into that plateau this season but some issues need to be discussed.  The first is that the Colts will not throw nearly as often this season due to their desire to balance out their offense more with the running game.  New England also has vowed to run more and they found someone to do it with Ben-Jarvis Green Ellis.  Meanwhile in San Diego, Mike Tolbert and Ryan Matthews figure to see an increase in workload as well.  This one is too close to call but you have to give a boost to Manning and Rivers over Brady due to the much easier passing environment in the dome in Indy and in lovely San Diego over the swirling wind and snow in Foxborough. 
Advantage:  Slight one to Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers

Touchdowns:  Again all three guys excelled here with each hitting the 30 TD mark.  Looking at each player's history is the key here as Brady has only cleared the 30 TD mark twice, while Manning has done it 6 times.  Rivers hasnt had nearly as long of a career but he has hit the mark just twice himself.  Go with the numbers.
Advantage:  Peyton Manning

Rushing Yards:  Dont look for anything here from these guys as all three are plodders through and through.  Leave the running to Aaron Rodgers and Michael Vick
Advantage:  None

Winner:  Peyton Manning

To me the ultimate durability and consistency that is Peyton Manning wins out over the other two.  The fact he also plays in a dome with four big time receiving weapons in Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Austin Collie, and Dallas Clark also cement this debate.  Rivers should follow closely and than Brady.  This is not a knock on either guy but Rivers has the better home field and has the yardage edge on Brady.  Thats exactly the order the three went in my recent fantasy football money league draft and so I cant fault how this turned out.  Your thoughts?????

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