Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Fantasy Football draft season is in full swing but there are still may who have not drafted yet.  Lets take a look at another 2011 fantasy football draft debate where we look at two comparable players and break it down in order to determine who should be picked ahead of the other.  As always we compare the two with the relevant stats they influence along with intangibles.  Today we look at running backs Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons and Rashard Mendenhall of the Pittsburgh Steelers who are being picked right around the same portion of drafts.  Lets see who makes the better selection.
Rushing Yards:  Turner has averaged more rushing yards per game the last two seasons over Mendenhall and also has had a higher cumulative average per carry.  Both teams will run it all day long but the Turner gets the slight edge based on the numbers.
Advantage:  Michael Turner

Receptions:  Both of these guys see their values spike in TD heavy formats, while dropping some in PPR setups.  They both wont light up the receptions scoreboard but at least Medenhall has gone over the 20 catch mark the last two seasons while Turner had only 12 last season which was an improvement of the 5 he had the year before.
Advantage:  Rashard Mendenhall

Touchdowns:  This is where both guys make their money as both went into double digits on the ground last season with Mendenhall having one more than Turner.  Both will continue hitting paydirt with regularity this season and could once again be within one of each other.
Advatage:  EVEN

Intangibles:  The biggest issue I have is that both guys are coming off big time workloads in 2010 where Turner had 334 carries to Mendehall's 324.  The last time Turner went well over 300, he got hurt the next season and was not as effective before getting injured.  The same could happen to Mendenhall but Turner is 5 years older.  Also Mendenhall's youth could allow him to tap into a higher ceiling this season while Turner has maxed out what he can do. 
Advantage:  Rashard Mendenhall

Winner:  Rashard Mendenhall

As always these debates are very close but Mendenhall wins by a slim amount.  The fact he is younger and can catch the ball makes him the choice.

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