Friday, August 12, 2011


The season is growing shorter by the day and so this latest set of fantasy baseball outfielder rankings could look close to how things end up this season. 

1.  Ryan Braun
2.  Matt Kemp
3.  Jose Bautista
4.  Jacoby Ellsbury
5.  Justin Upton
6.  Curtis Granderson
7.  Carlos Gonzalez
8.  Matt Holliday
9.  Andrew McCutchen
10. Nelson Cruz
11. Lance Berkman
12. Josh Hamilton
13. Jay Bruce
14. Hunter Pence
15. Michael Bourn
16. BJ Upton
17. Alex Gordon
18. Mike Stanton
19. Adam Lind
20. Carlos Quentin
21. Adam Jones
22. Carl Crawford
23. Mike Morse
24. Drew Stubbs
25. Chris Young
26. Andre Ethier
27. Carlos Beltran
28. Shane Victorino

-Like I stated emphatically in the spring. Ryan Braun is the best fantasy baseball outfielder there is.  He is already over the 20/20 mark and will likely hit 30/30.  He is followed closey by Matt Kemp who is also going to hit the 30/30 mark as he makes good on the comeback scenario I envisioned for him this season.  Basically flip a coin with these two as to who to pick first next season.
-Jose Bautista will keep his outfielder eligibility for another season and so he tucks right in behind the big two.  The lack of steals is the only thing keeping him from the top spot, although having third base eligibility helps.
-Jacoby Ellsbury and Curtis Granderson have absolutely blown their expected numbers into the stratosphere.  Its ridiculous how great these guys have been at such a nice spring price.  No doubt these two are among the biggets positive surprises of the season.
-Mike Morse has established himself as a top 20 fantasy baseball outfielder.  His average has only gotten better as the season has gone along and he has a chance at 30 home runs.  Throw him in with clone Adam Lind who himself had a big time comeback season.
-Carl Crawford took a nosedive from his top five outfielder ranking in the spring and for good reason.  His spot in the order has ruined his fantasy baseball game and so he is someone I would avoid next season as well since he wont be moving into the top spot of this lineup.
-Lance Berkman has been a huge bargain as well this season but he stands a chance of being a sizeable bust next season.  No way he stays this healthy again and at 36 years old, you got to think a big regression is on its way as he continues to get up there.

Thats how I see it.  I want to hear what you think.

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