Wednesday, August 24, 2011


We move right along with the updated fantasy baseball rankings by position and today we visit the second baseman where once again Robinson Cano paces the field.  Lets see hyow things stand.

1.  Robinson Cano
2.  Dustin Pedroia
3.  Ian Kinsler
4.  Rickie Weeks
5.  Dan Uggla
6.  Chase Utley
7.  Brandon Phillips
8.  Martin Prado
9.  Ben Zobrist
10. Michael Young
11. Dustin Ackley
12. Jason Kipnis
13. Danny Espinoza
14. Ryan Roberts
15. Neil Walker
16. Kelly Johnson

- Second base has become very top heavy with Cano, Pedroia, and Kinsler being the top tier.  I yelled all spring about how Pedroia should be the one to go after as his power continues to develop to go with his high average and speed.  Everything is clicking now and he is a great guy to use a second round pick on next season.
-Cano is almost becoming like Miguel Cabrera in that they are so consistently good that they are boring.  He got some heat from Pedroia for awhile there but his recent blazing streak has left little room for debate that he is not the top guy at second base.
-Kinsler continues to show flashes of greatness while also frustrating.  The power and stolen base acumen has been top notch for the position but once again his average is leaving a lot to be desired.  I cant think of many players that continually go up and down as much as Kinsler does in average but the bottom line is that he has stayed healthy all season which is a miracle in and of itself.  He is just below Cano and Pedroia on the second base ladder.
-Uggla has really turned around what was shaping up to be an awful season with his torrid home run hitting over the last two months.  Yes the average continues to blow but you knew that already.  Not my kind of player but he once again continues to put up great power numbers in a non-power era.
-Kelly Johnson and Aaron Hill are off my lists for next season at the very least.  Find someone more reliable than these two.  Yes they show greatness every now and again but overall they have been awful.
-Ryan Roberts is a guy who will be overdrafted next season and will likely let down those owners.  This is the first season he has been even useful in our game so let that be a warning.
-I am very high on Kipnis who I think can hit 20 homers with 15 steals next season.  Use a later pick on the guy. 

That's how I see things.  Let me know what you think.

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