Friday, August 19, 2011


With the season dwindling, now is a good time to check in on all of the latest positional rankings in fantasy baseball as things continue to change.  Today we start with the catchers as things have been downright ugly here all season with injuries and poor play dominating this group.  Lets take a look at how it shapes up at this point.

1.  Brian McCann
2.  Victor Martinez
3.  Buster Posey
4.  Carlos Santana
5.  Joe Mauer
6.  Miguel Montero
7.  Mike Napoli
8.  Alex Avila
9.  Matt Wieters
10.  Geovany Soto
11. Yadier Molina
12. JP Arencibia
13. Jonathan Lucroy
14. Russell Martin
15. Chris Iannetta

-The injury to Buster Posey that ruined his season threw this position into chaos right from the start.  Next season I think Brian McCann should be the top pick but there will be many who will go with the upside with Posey.  I wont quibble either way as I think Posey has tremendous ability but I spoke in the spring about how his fly ball rate was out of whack when he was a rookie and so I thought his home run total would drop this season.  That is exactly what had happened before he got hurt so keep that in mind next season.
-Carlos Santana has had a very good season if you look past the average.  The power is top notch and the average should improve as he continues to gain experience as he goes along.  Go get him next season.
-Alex Avila has been a nice surprise this season as he has generally hit well all season with plus pop.  Not sure if he can replicate this entirely next season but he is someone to target in the second tier.
-Miguel Montero was the guy I told you all to draft this spring and he has done everything I have expected of him this season.  He will hit for plus power with a good enough average.  Whats not to like?
-JP Arencibia has quite possibly the best power at the position along with Mike Napoli but his average is horrid.  Speaking of Napoli, he dealt with inconsistent playing time early on again but he has played more often in the second half with big results.  The nice thing is that he is hitting for a god average as well.  Good times all around with this underrated bat.

Thats how I see things.  Lets hear what you have to say.  Post your thoughts below.

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