Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Trending Up

Danny Espinosa:  Espinosa continues to pummel the baseball in June and his power/speed combo is putting him very close to the upper echelon of fantasy baseball second baseman.  Yes the average is low but the rest of the numbers are so impressive that it has to be overlooked.

Mark Reynolds:  Love him or hate him, Reynolds surely has the knack for hitting home runs.  In an era where the dinger is becoming extinct, Reynolds has a place on a fantasy baseaball roster.  He can carry a club when he goes on a tear like he is currently but the hideous average has to be covered by your other players if you bring him onto your squad.

Paul Konerko:  Konerko is just ridiculous right now as he has homered almost everday while hitting well over .300.  Its amazing what he is doing at his age and once again he is among the biggest values in the game.

Trending Down

Hanley Ramirez:  First the guy cant hit a beach ball to start the season and than he gets hurt.  Upon being activated from the DL, he ticks off new manager Jack McKeon and gets benched.  Its been as big of a disaster as you can get relative to draft spot and so Ramirez has a lot of work to do before he even brings a fraction of the value he was expected to provide.

Ian Kinsler:  As great a start as Kinsler had, he has struggled mightily on May and now well into June.  The power/speed combo is actually pretty good but his average is a liability.  Once again the guy drives you crazy.

Grady Sizemore:  Sizemore was on a nice homer run when he first came off the DL but his speed is non-existent and his average has now plummeted.  Seems like the Sizemore from last season.

Early Report Card On Minor League Call-Ups

So call up season is prety much finished for this season until September.  Most or all of the big time hyped prospects have made their way to the majors and in turn fantasy baseball rosters.  Some have already started providing numbers for their owners while others have gone kaput.  With that in mind, lets take a look at some of their early work and determine who is worth holding onto.  As always its boom or bust with these guys.

Brandon Belt:  Belt has been up twice with the Giants so far and both times have been big disappointments.  Belt couldnt hit his first time around and his second time around he got hurt.  This is one of the better hitting prospects in the minors who will undoubtedly be a force in due time but its looking like 2011 wont be anything to talk about. 

Mike Moustakas:  Moustakas hasnt been up lomg but so far he has one homer and an all right average.  Moustakas is one to keep around due to the dearth of fantasy baseball third baseman this season and his power is something that we all could use.

Eric Hosmer:  Hosmer was one of the first call ups this season and his advanced hitting approach was lauded.  He has shown that off so far in his first few months in the league as his average is solid and he has contributed across the board.  He is a sure fire UTIL or CI option in fantasy baseball leagues and in a few years he could be a Joey Votto clone.

Jermeil Weeks:  Weeks is up to three steals on the seaason while hitting well over .300 for the A's out of the leadoff spot.  He has the ability to be a nice base stealer and runs source but the power wont show for awhile.  He is not anything near his brother yet.

Anthony Rizzo:  Rizzo has struggled since his promotion with a very low average and only one home run and his ballpark is not going to be a help for sure.  He really only has usage in the deepest of formats due to the fact he plays the very deep 1B spot.

Dustin Ackley:  Ackley already looks right at home in Seattle and his very good approach at the plate will allow him to hit around .300.  The power and speed could be sporadic and I feel Ackley will be Chris Coghlan clone at this point.  Another guy who is only for deep leaguers. 

In a few years, some of these guys will be first and second round picks.  They can surely help this season as well but be sure not to rely on them too much.  Every once in awhile you can catch lightning in a bottle which I cant see from any of these guys.  However it wont stop us from running to the wire to pick them up in the hopes of uncovering the next stud hitter.

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