Saturday, October 20, 2018


Every year in fantasy football we get situations where a running back suddenly goes from little-to-no playing time and then just like that falls into a tremendous workload based on an injury or a trade.  Think C.J. Anderson a few years ago as a guy who came in for the Denver Broncos in November and then rattled off huge games the rest of the way to tilt leagues on its head.  Such a scenario could now be unfolding in Cleveland where rookie Nick Chubb all of a sudden has a huge workload in his future starting with a very plush assignment Sunday versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after the team traded veteran Carlos Hyde to the Jacksonville Jaguars Friday.  The move was a surprise since T.J. Yeldon had done pretty much in the injured Leonard Fournette's place but it likely had more to do with the never-ending injury woes of the latter who could return in Week 9 from a bum hammy.  Either way, this is bad news for Yeldon, Hyde, AND Fournette who will now have to share a crowded backfield.  Also remember it was just Week 1 where Fournette was working as the clear workhorse until injuring his hamstring and the rest as they say is history.  As far as Hyde is concerned, a nice September where he surprisingly got the lion's share of touches in Cleveland has turned into a very mediocre October which likely prompted the move.  Hyde now sees a drop from RB 2 status to RB 3. 

As far as Chubb, the electric former Georgia star can have as big an immediate impact as former teammate Sony Michel is having in New England in terms of running the ball at least.  Chubb can go zero to sixty in a flash as we saw when he ran for two scores on only 3 carries versus the Oakland Raiders at the end of September.  Chubb is a huge get for anyone who picked him up or who held him the whole season waiting for this moment.  Not to be overlooked is Duke Johnson who will now have more of a chance to contribute his impressive receiving skills.  So all in all, adjust accordingly here as this is one mid-season move that really has shaken up the game. 

Friday, October 19, 2018


Another week and another game where Denver Broncos speedy running back Philip Lindsay continued to open eyes and cause almost all NFL personnel executives to re-think why he went undrafted last spring.  Thursday night it was Lindsay rushing for 90 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries, while also catching one pass for another six yards.  Lindsay actually did score a second touchdown but it was called back on a penalty.  Be that as it may, Lindsay now sits with the following numbers:

436 rushing yards
5.8 per carry
2 TD
15 catches
119 receiving yards
1 TD

What quickly jumps out above is the supreme rushing average and it is build mainly on tremendous instant acceleration that gets Lindsay from 0-to-60 in a flash.  This is a very crucial skill for Lindsay as he is slight of build at 5-8 and 190 but is is overall easy to see the home run ability he brings to the field on any given touch.  Unfortunately for Lindsay's owners, fellow rookie Royce Freeman remains in a clear timeshare capacity and that doesn't look like it will change anytime soon.  It is actually probably for the best as Lindsay probably would not be able to handle a full rushing load given his lack of size and Freeman does perform well near the goal-line.  So going forward both Lindsay and Freeman work as RB 2's in fantasy football leagues; with the former having the more potent upside.  Either way, Lindsay looks like a gem not only for the Broncos but for his very happy fantasy football owners this season. 

UPDTAE:  With Freeman having suffered an ankle injury last week, Lindsay may be in line for even more work in the immediate future.  


This just has to stop.  Please I can't be tortured anymore.  Run after run right into the middle.  Behind a line that was missing their two starting guards.  No imagination.  No movement out in space.  No play action.  Only as severe a case of player neutering I have never seen before in fantasy football.  The madness needs to end Friday morning when Arizona Cardinals OC Mike McCoy gets canned before Week 8 for the second season in a row.  There can be no other way when your best player by a mile David Johnson gets most of his brutal 10 points in garbage time.  A guy who has single-handily destroyed my Experts League team to such a humiliating degree that I am in uncharted territory in terms of futility.  The madness has to end right here, right now.  My season in Experts is over because of this man and thousands of others have fallen by the wayside as well.  Hey, let's run up the middle again! 

Seriously though it has now gone beyond ridiculous with David Johnson who rushed 14 times for 39 yards and caught 3 balls for another 31.  Two of those catches came in garbage time as there was nothing doing here at all which will likely sink me to yet another loss in the Experts League (went from 50 percent chance to win down to 40 with ONE player).  Also condolences to those who picked up Arizona's defense for this one which looked like a decent play on paper considering they have played well lately and Case Keenum and the Denver Broncos offense couldn't get out of their own way.  Here is hoping against hope Steve Wilks reads the tea leaves that he too will be fired by the end of the season if he doesn't make a change but Johnson's utter disgrace of a year so far means it will arrive too late to save out teams. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018


Here are the fantasy football Week 7 QB rankings based on opposing matchups.

1.  Pat Mahomes
2.  Tom Brady
3.  Matt Ryan
4.  Jared Goff
5.  Cam Newton
6.  Jameis Winston
7.  Andy Dalton
8.  Philip Rivers
9.  Drew Brees
10. Kirk Cousins
11. Andrew Luck
12. Joe Flacco
13. Carson Wentz
14. Matthew Stafford
15. Baker Mayfield
16. Eli Manning
17. DeShaun Watson
18. Mitchell Trubisky
19. Dak Prescott
20. C.J. Beathard
21. Blake Bortles
22. Alex Smith
23. Marcus Mariota
24. Brock Osweiler
25. Case Keenum
26. Sam Darnold
27. Josh Rosen
28. Derek Anderson